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Announcing Dragonfly Technologies' QuickDemo Package:

If you're a performing musician and have always wanted to release your own work on a CD, to send your new compositions to friends, or to put your music up on the web for colleagues, teachers or friends to look at, please inquire about QuickDemo.

Contemporary, technology-savvy musicians are using a variety of tools to get their music from inside their heads to a CD, the Web, a film score, or to a wide variety of other media.

In the coming months, we'll have a lot more information available on a website devoted exclusively to musicians, and dedicated especially to helping you with music creation projects. Until some time in 2006, we have a wide variety of solutions/components for the professional musician, and they're available right here and now!

Dragonfly Technologies is partners with:

  • MakeMusic — Developers of the Finale music notation line
  • E-mu/Ensoniq — leader in music production,sound module, sampler, and PC-based recording solutions.
  • Cakewalk — Developers of an array of music sequencing and digital recording tools
We currently also provide products from MIDIMan, Mark of the Unicorn, and other music technology companies.

In addition to the products we provide, we also can install them for you, and can help you to use them effectively, to help you realize your creative vision.

By combining the right elements of music technology, we can design a solution that's suited to your individual needs. There is a lot of music technology out there, and you probably don't need all of it. With some combination of (or variation on) a computer, speakers, sound cards/MIDI interfaces, instrument sampling/MIDI modules, music notation and /or sequencing products, we'll help you pick the pieces that will work best for you. We will work with you to ensure that your computer-based studio helps you work more efficiently, and lets you concentrate on the creative part of making music, rather than with tinkering with the technology toys.

If you have an existing production solution, we are available to train you in some of the finer points of getting the most out of it.
Our web design team can also help you create a website to showcase your music in both written and audio formats.

Contact us for more information.

Finale 2006 is available now, and it's full of new features!

Over the past few years, MakeMusic, the developer of Finale, has expanded its market-leading notation product into a whole family of music notation tools. Its flagship product, Finale, is our recommended choice for many performing musicians, students, arrangers and music directors.

Finale 2006 (for Windows and Macintosh) adds a host of new features including :
  • World-class sounds from Garritan Personal Orchestra
  • "Studio View", allowing you to use an onscreen mixing board, with a channel for each staff.
  • Mid-Measure Playback Controls
Developments in recent versions of Finale allow you to:
  • Create Audio CDs. Finale now allows you to save your files, complete with instrument sounds to WAV or AIFF files, and put them on a CD.
  • More easily import graphics: If you'd like to give your scores, lead sheets or instrument parts a more "customized" look, you can use clipart or other graphics right on your Finale printouts.
  • Better integrate music notation with music scanning software.
Finale is aimed at professional level composers, arrangers, teachers, and music publishers. However, many music students and performers of all types have, and continue to use Finale as their main music creation tool.

If you are an educator, student, or are part of a religious institution providing music notation or performance services, contact us about our education and religious institution discounts.

We recommend Finale 2006 for users of previous versions. We strongly recommend it if you’re looking for your first, comprehensive notation solution.

If you're considering your introduction to music notation software, consider MakeMusic's PrintMusic. It contains many of the features of Finale, but is geared toward those with simpler notation needs. PrintMusic allows users to create music with up to 24 staves per system (24 instruments or instrument groups).

If you're on a tight budget, and your only concern is simple lead sheets for an accompanist or singer, or perhaps a small ensemble with fewer than 6 musicians, consider Finale NotePad Plus.

If you're not sure which one is for you, or you would like assistance in using your Finale notation product, please contact us for more information.

Whether you create your music with notation software, sequencer, or the old fashioned way — recording in a studio, you can create professional sounding pre-production and professional production quality music using Cakewalk's SONAR products.

SONAR is the industry-standard for audio and MIDI production, used daily by thousands of musicians, composers, DJ/remix artists, engineers, and producers involved in CD recording and mastering; scoring and posting for film and television; and music for the Internet.

For those more interested in pre-production or home recording, we suggest, and can train and support you in the use of Cakewalk's Music Creator products.

Additionally, we can provide a full service solution which can take you from your keyboard to a fully produced MP3 in fewer than 10 easy steps, reducing your production time by 30 to 50%.

Feel free to contact us for more information.