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business computer consulting, New York City. Networking, hardware and
software consulting, computer sales, upgrades, and web design /
maintainence. Special expertise in dealing with legal, not-for-profit,
and musicians. Dragonfly Technologies - small
business computer consulting, New York City. Networking, hardware and
software consulting, computer sales, upgrades, and web design /
maintainence. Special expertise in dealing with legal, not-for-profit,
and musicians.


Dragonfly Technologies' web design team combines many disciplines, offering you many options for a diverse and engaging site. Whether your message is a simple 4 or 5 page site, or a comprehensive listing of everything you do, we can help craft your message for the web, and make your site blossom within your budget.

We have designed sites for organizations in a wide array of industries including:

The Arts and Entertainment:

Lisa Lampanelli

Comedy's Lovable Queen of Mean has outdone herself with her first HBO Special-Long Live The Queen-also the name of her third Warner Brothers CD and DVD. Lisa redesigned the site to complement her new look, and to give her fans something they couldn't get elsewhere. For the uninitiated, the Long Live the Queen edition of InsultComic.com, will give a taste of what Lisa's like on stage. There are video and audio clips, photo albums, and links to her pages on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. Curious? Come on in.


Olive Blossoms

This site celebrates and promotes the first solo CD from renowned accordionist Zevy Zions. The CD includes solo accordion arrangements of great orchestral and
chamber music works, as well as beautiful renditions of folk and Klezmer compositions. OliveBlossoms.com features excerpts from the CD, as well as sheet music of the recorded arrangements. If you'd like to order "Olive Blossoms" click here.


The Laugh Lounge

LaughLoungeNYC.com is the online home of Downtown Manhattan's premiere comedy club. Combining a wide variety of ethnic influences with the "street" feel of "old school" New York City, LaughLoungeNYC.com includes a comprehensive calendar of club events, a listing of many of the comedians who perform there, including bios, pictures, merchandise, and dates for their next appearances at the club. The site also allows visitors to make reservations right online. Stop by the site...then stop by the club.

LaughLoungeNYC.com - Official Website of Laugh Lounge NYC

Jonathan Katz

This is the official site of famed comedian, (television and movie) actor, author, and producer Jonathan Katz. The site offers a very wide variety of Jonathan's work in television, movies, animated series, standup comedy, as well as his book—To Do Lists of The Dead. Jonathan Katz is the co-creator of the animated TV series Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, which aired on Comedy Central for six years. His newly-redesigned web presence includes video clips of (among other things) his best-known TV show, his (nationally televised) standup comedy appearances, and (audio clips of) his developing work.

JonathanKatz.com - Official Website of Jonathan Katz.

Judy Gold

Veteran standup comic, actor, producer, and wisecracking HBO host Judy Gold has worked in every major medium. Her official site gives fans and media alike a small taste of her versatility, and years of contribution to show business. Special features include her very personal bio, available exclusively on the site, video clips of her standup (as broadcast on HBO and Comedy Central) and audio selections from her new CD, Judith's Roommate Had A Baby.

JudyGold.com - Her official site gives fans and media a small taste of her versatility.

Tracy Quan

The acclaimed author's work is highlighted here. She regularly updates portions of the site, keeping her fans apprised of her latest appearances, and of the latest doings of her first novel "Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl". Visitors can also see this site at www.nancychan.com (The main character in Tracy's first novel).

TracyQuan.net - Fun, informative site with lots of
personal touches.

Paul Gary Music

A renowned New York bandleader asked us to give him a web presence that suited his image. Working in conjunction with audio editing services provided by The Sound and The Furry of Hastings-On-Hudson, New York, and audio engineer Marty Laskin, we were able to produce 20 clips of bandleader Paul Gary’s various ensembles, and display his talents as a violinist and bandleader for society engagements.

PaulGary.com - a site elivened with fast-streaming,
high-quality sound clips.

General Business:

Skin Laser Solutions

Skin Laser Solutions specializes in laser treatments including state-of-the-art, permanent hair-removal, wrinkle reduction, acne treatments, and microdermabrasion. With over 35 years of experience in hair removal, Marta Rodriguez—the principal of Skin Laser Solutions—asked us to help her showcase her services and experience. Since Skin Laser Solutions is expanding its array of offerings, Dragonfly Technologies created a site for Skin Laser Solutions that allowed for easy changes to the infrastructure (to easily add services and "menu" items).


Allegratek provides a variety of employee evaluation tools and services. We gave Allegratek an original design to complement their existing logo, and to serve as one of several sales tool for their business.

Dragonfly Technologies

Our goal is to bring you an information-rich site that is easy to navigate. Since August 2005, the businesses we serve have been able to log in and receive support from our technical staff. As our list of services and alliances grows, the website will grow with it.

DragonflyTech.com - versatile, easy-to-maintain design.
Easy to navigate with targeted, understandable copy.

Not-For-Profit and Religious

Bridges for Healthy Babies

The Comprehensive Prenatal-Perinatal Service Network of Queens, in partnership with the Northern Queens Health Coalition, offers a collection of resources to promote reproductive health in women of child-bearing age. CPPSN of Queens also offers workshops on domestic violence, general health and nutrition, childhood obesity, and a wide variety of other topics affecting children and families of diverse ethnicities. The site offers a variety of resources for families in the Queens area, including brochures in six languages common among Queens residents.

Dragonfly provided copywriting and copy-editing services for this project, and worked in conjunction with their staff to ensure that they conveyed their message effectively and succinctly.

Bridges for Healthy Babies

Rabbi Zev Zions

We developed this site for a Rabbi who performs Jewish ritual circumcision. The site’s copy and design are targeted at Jewish families with newborn baby boys, who wish to have a traditional ritual circumcision for their son.

TraditionToday.net - site of Mohel Rabbi
Zev Zions.  User-friendly navigation and copy.  Keyword definitions help
users understand the client's message more effectively.

American Friends of Orr Shalom

American Friends of Orr Shalom is the American (fundraising) organization representing Orr Shalom's Children's Homes. Orr Shalom's Children's Homes is a not-for-profit organization providing residential and therapeutic care to severely abused and neglected children. The site was designed to match the look of their existing fundraising material. The site will soon incorporate video as part of their message.


Gale Dinces, LLC

Ms. Dinces's company breed and train superior German Shepherds. The site provides information about the dogs, breeding, and gives updates to prospective customers on forthcoming or most recent litters.