Dragonfly Technologies
Dragonfly Technologies
Rebuilding a not-for-profit organization's network from the ground up

For the past four years, we have served Harlem Stage (formerly Aaron Davis Hall)—Harlem's premier center for the performing arts.

Because of Harlem Stage's foresight, we've been able to not only work proactively with them, but also to plan for the future of their business systems technology.

In the time we've been serving Harlem Stage/Aaron Davis Hall, we've been privileged to have:

  • their server with one that better-fit their longer term speed and storage needs
  • Brought in a backup system that was commensurate with their storage
  • Upgraded workstations in most locations
  • Upgraded their internet access from inefficient, unreliable DSL to a well-supported DSL, and most recently a T1 (with guaranteed repair within 4 hour of a trouble report)
  • Put systems (including a hardware firewall) in place for blocking unwanted internet traffic
  • Set up remote access systems, allowing certain employees to work from home
  • Worked in conjunction with their web designer and e-mail provider
and much more.

We're also privileged to be working with Harlem Stage's second theater -The Gatehouse- from the ground up.

The Gatehouse is a 100 year old building that has been overhauled into a 199-seat theater. Dragonfly Technologies has worked in conjunction with the architects, electrical and construction management teams, The City of New York's Department of Design and Construction, and many others to ensure that the building's network wiring, telephone wiring, and data center / server room will meet the organization's long term and short term needs.

We have been assigned a $150,000 budget to implement all of the following systems:

  • A new server for the organization's
  • Network printing throughout the organization
  • A 200% increase in redundant storage capability, including a 300% increase in data security and redundancy
  • A Wide Area Network between the two theaters, and incorporating secure remote access
  • Integration of the existing servers and data with the organization's new, additional infrastructure
  • 24 new workstations, 10 new printers, an enterprise level printer/copier/scanner fax
  • A fault tolerant data center including the ability to keep systems working (and shut down safely), in the event of a loss of electrical power
  • Remote backup systems
  • Wireless connectivity throughout the theater
  • Integration of a brand new ticketing system into the data center's operations
  • High speed internet access
  • and
  • Ability to expand the data center's capabilities to include internet telephony, internet cameras, and network devices that may become available in the next 5 years.
We look forward to being able to tell a similar success story about your organization.