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Dragonfly Technologies

Since Dragonfly Technologies was founded in 1990, we have always believed in providing a "top-to-bottom" solution when appropriate. To ensure that we can provide the best possible support for products we have worked with, we have become registered partners with each of the companies and organizations listed below.


Since 2004, Dragonfly Technologies have been proud Apple partners. Although we’ve provided Apple/Mac support since 1996, we now offer a variety of Mac-based solutions we can bring directly to you including hardware, software and support. Additionally, we offer expertise of integrating Macintosh into a combination Windows and Mac environment. We assist many business and creative professionals in choosing the right Mac hardware and software combination for their needs, as well as providing onsite and remote assistance for a wide variety of Mac software.

Blackbaud Consultants Program

Dragonfly Technologies is pleased to announce that we are premiere partners in Blackbaud's Consultants Program. This affiliation allows us to bring you The Raiser's Edge and related fundraising software solutions along with network and high speed internet access support in a complete bundle to fulfill all your needs for fund raising software. Blackbaud also integrates seamlessly with its own, full-featured accounting software. If you are seriously considering The Raiser’s Edge, or any other Blackbaud products for your organization, Contact Us for more information.

Coda Music Technologies Consulting

Since 1992 we have been Authorized Resellers and trainers of MakeMusic (formerly Coda Music Technologies) music notation products including Finale for Windows and for Macintosh. We work with composers, arrangers, copyists, producers, and other music industry professionals who require music notation solutions to give them the best product in the industry, customized to their needs.

Value-Added Resellers Program - WordPerfet Office Suite, Dragon
Naturally Speaking

Dragonfly Technologies has been a Corel Partner since 1998. Our enhanced association with Corel will allow you to get Corel products with your new computers (or in conjunction with existing computers) and get even better support on them than in the past. Although we focus primarily on the WordPerfect suite of products, we provide assistance with all products Corel offers, including WinZip — the world’s best-known file compression product, the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite , and a variety of image, video and general business software.

(HP) Partners - discounts, information, and support

Dragonfly Technologies has been a Hewlett Packard partner since 1998. Our partnership with HP will allow us to bring you more information, discounts, and support on Hewlett Packard products.

HP's printers, all-in-one (printer/copier/scanner/fax) solutions, LCD monitors, storage products, and assorted peripherals offer first rate, competitive solutions for many of your business needs. HP Storage solutions including tape drives, hard drives, and related peripherals allow you security and flexibility in a variety of creative solutions.

Since not every situation warrants a Hewlett Packard solution, rest assured, we will continue to bring you the right solution for the job from whatever manufacturer is best suited to the task at hand.

We are proud to be Microsoft partners.

The largest software development company in the world might have a product or two which small businesses use on their computers. We thought it wise to keep you in the loop on what they're up to.

In addition to supporting "the classics" such as Windows (every version since 1987), and Microsoft Office (every version since 1986), we can bring newer, Microsoft products to integrate and enhance your existing business systems. Many Microsoft technologies can replace outdated products with a more cost-effective solution.

However, we're not beholden to Microsoft, and are aware that other vendors can have viable solutions as well.

We are proud to be CompTIA partners.

Since 2000, Dragonfly Technologies has been an active member of CompTIA - the Computing Technology Industry Association. CompTIA is the largest advocacy group, and the only universally certification authority for computer technology professionals.

We are proud to be CompTIA partners.

Backup My Info has proven to be a world-class provider of managed services for backup. With an outstanding combination of software and staff, Backup My Info is available every day to make sure your backups run as they should. Their staff proactively prevents many problems plaguing small businesses who may not have the most reliable backups in place., and helps them through getting their data back in the event of a crisis. Contact Us for how to make Backup My Info’s managed services work for your small business.

We are proud to be Maxtor partners.

With their One Touch USB hard drive products, Maxtor has brought the easiest-to-use backup solution to small businesses. Combined with our offerings from Novastor, we can customize a backup solution for you that will be reliable and cost-effective. Contact us for more details.

Palm technical
support - mobile contact management and integration with lots of your
favorite applications!

Dragonfly Technologies is proud to announce its affiliation in the Palm Partner Program. We are now able to provide complete mobile solutions for those whose data needs to be with them "on the go".

Palm products including the Treo, allow you the powerful combination of all the names and addresses, in your address book, a cell phone linked to your contacts' phone numbers, wireless e-mail, instant messaging, calendar, and more. Most national service providers support the Treo 600. Contact us for more information.

Symantec Solutions Provider - including Norton Antivirus stand-alone and Corporate Edition - manage your entire organization's security quickly and easily!

Dragonfly Technologies is also a strategic partner with Symantec. As a Symantec VAR we are able to bring comprehensive security solutions including virus protection, secure remote access, and firewall/security appliances to your organization, keeping your network secure, and keeping you in touch with it wherever you are.

We are proud to be Watchguard partners.

Dragonfly Technologies has helped scores of small businesses to better protect their in-house systems, as well as to securely connect to outside systems using Watchguard’s firewall and other security products. Using Watchguard’s unique combination of virus protection, intrusion detection, and anti-spam tools built right into a hardware firewall, many small businesses have saved money and have added important layers of security to their organizations with Watchguard products. If you haven’t updated or upgraded your company’s firewall in the past two to three years, Contact Us for information on keeping current with a firewall that will better, and less expensively secure your business.