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Website Enhancements

A lot of our web development begins with an existing website and builds it from the inside out, ultimately evolving into a complete redesign of the site. As we maintain a site, we will often add small features that are later incorporated into the redesigned site. Here are a few examples:

Newsletters: A great way to spark return visitors to your site

We currently maintain, design, and send out a bi-weekly newsletter for WordsCanHeal.org. In addition, we have recently begun our own e-mail-based newsletter. Click here if you’d like to subscribe to ours.

Newsletters can increase the percentage of visitors who return to your website. If your site promotes a business or an organization, each returning visit by a web “surfer” increases the chances that the visitor or “surfer” will patronize your business, donate to your cause, or otherwise take interest in your organization.

Want your Not For Profit organization's website to accept donations?

Blackbaud’s NetDonors service allows not for profit organizations to accept credit card donations online processing the donations immediately and transferring them to your internet merchant account. If you use (or are considering) Blackbaud’s The Raiser’s Edge, you’ll be able to integrate the online donations captured by the NetDonors service into your Raiser’s Edge database without additional data entry.

Contact Forms:

Many websites currently allow only for e-mail as a means of contact. We have found that many people who are not prompted for critical information, may not supply it in a quick e-mail message sent to the website’s administrator.

To ensure that your visitors supply you with the information you’d most like to know (while they’re writing to you), you might want a contact form on your site.

A contact form will prompt your users for the information you consider to be most important, and won’t leave it exclusively to them to determine what they need to tell you.

Measure and monitor the productivity of your website

Is your website effective as a publicity tool for you? Are you interested in how many people visited your organization's website?

We can help to bring you much more information than that.

Using a variety of tools, we can help you to determine:

  • How many visitors you've had in a given time period
  • How long they stayed on your site
  • Where on your site they visited
  • In what order they looked at pages
  • Which pages are most or least popular on your site
  • Which websites they were on prior to yours
We can help you to integrate your organization's advertising, fundraising, marketing or any other publicity initiatives directly with your website.

And that's just the beginning. Whatever your marketing or publicity strategy, we would be happy to help you further by helping your website to be a better publicity and information tool for you and for your website's visitors.

Contact Us if you think you could benefit from any of the website additions we’ve mentioned here, or one we haven’t.