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AntiVirus/AntiSpyware/AntiMalware—Protection for one and all.

Hundreds of viruses are being created and distributed via the internet every day. Spyware and Malware are little bits of computer code that deter you from using your computer normally, and also search for and send out your personal data (including passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information) to those who really shouldn't be seeing it.

Identity thieves aren't picking pockets or looking through your trash any more. They're out on the internet, hoping to "knock" on your computer's door, and find that you've left it half open.

No computers are immune. Users of PCs, Macs, and other types of computers must all contend regularly with people from across the internet who want to steal. Working proactively to ward off viruses will save you a lot of grief and money.

So which AntiVirus software should I get?

AntiVirus products are developed by people. Since people are flawed, anti-virus products will be too. There are a handful of major anti-virus vendors. On any given day, one will be ahead of the others in warding off or curing the latest viruses.

Since the report on who the "latest and greatest" is changes almost as often as the condition of the stock market, we will not post an official endorsement here of which is "the best" anti-virus for your needs. Contact Us for more information, and we'll be happy to give you an answer tailored specifically to your needs.